Investing in Real and Estate

Build your REAL Savings Plan Yourself using The REAL Framework



Wow! What a journey to get here. Throughout this whole process, I’ve ran into so many road blocks and obstacles. I want to dedicate this book to everyone that stood by me and believed in me the entire way.

I wouldn’t be here without all of you.

Now let’s get back to the book. This is a no nonsense book about creating a REAL Savings Plan that will lead you to financial freedom. A savings plan will give you the highest return for the lowest risk.

Four years ago, I left everything behind and went all in on Real Estate. Lucky for me, it has not only paid off big time financially, but it has also led me to find my true purpose in life. I want to help people attain financial freedom and this book will teach you how to get there.

Looking back, quitting my promising career in Banking and doing a complete 180 turn into Real Estate was a pretty dumb decision on my part. Pretty much no one I talked to thought it was a good idea. In fact, I was called dumb, stupid and even harsher words by people very close to me. Everyone thought I was an idiot for going to become a Real Estate Agent.

From my point of view, I wanted to get in the trenches. I wanted to dig deep and become a Real Estate Insider so I can learn everything from all angles. I gambled and it paid off.

The truth is, I was young and reckless, I believed that you needed to take high risk in order to get high reward. But over the years, I have found out that “high risk high reward” is absolutely not true.

I have developed a very comprehensive skill set in Real Estate and they are compiled into a methodology that I call “The REAL Framework”. It is a framework that I have used for myself that resulted in me buying 2 properties worth a total of $3m in the last 2 years and I see myself growing it exponentially, doubling my assets every few years.

To many of you, this sounds like a scam. I would think so too. Given that there are hundreds of get rich quick schemes out there. But don’t get me wrong.

“The REAL Framework” is not perfect. There are its downsides and risks involved. But my methodology carries the lowest risk for the highest reward out there.

Yes, I am not afraid to peel back the curtains and show you everything. We will compare my method with everything out there and YOU can make the decision for yourself.

This book is for everyone. I may have written this book geared towards entry level Real Estate Buyers and Investors. But there are plenty of tidbits for the savvy investor to pick up to.

I hope everyone who picks this book up enjoys it and I’ll see you on the other side.

Investing in Real and Estate

Build your REAL Savings Plan Yourself using The REAL Framework

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