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Tired of seeing everyone sell their properties easily and upgrading to better homes… except you?

“Give me 1 hour and I will give you a detailed analysis on your property, together with the fastest, easiest way to sell your property in as quickly as 1 viewing. “

My name is Derek Kong and I am your Property Guy!

Sell Your Property

I know exactly how to sell your property without all the complications and uncertainty. My approach is backed by Facts, Figures, Data and Numbers, combined with the latest and most effective marketing strategies.

I will do an in-depth analysis to allow you to understand your financial position

​A 3-step financial calculation process, including additional costs like Legal fees, Cash Outlay, CPF Accrued Interest, CPF Refund, etc. You will know exactly what is happening at each stage and a firm timeline of every stage.

A throughout SWOT analysis on your unit’s market position so we can determine where we stand in the market and how we can best position ourselves.

A carefully laid out plan, showing exactly how I will market your unit and the strategies involved.

Insights and Results based on Real Life Case Studies.

I will show you exactly how your property will be sold by me!

You are in good hands, check out some of the properties that I have sold

I Am Your Property Guy

Have you been looking to move for months already?

Do you need to move closer to Parents? Move for School?

Do you want to get a bigger place? Or look to downsize?

Have you already shortlisted the ideal property you want to buy?

But frustrated because you are stuck with your current unit and cannot commit?

Are you still stuck in the selling phase?

I am going to share with you my “REAL Closing Strategy”

It is what has helped many of my friends, family and client

I have sold their properties fast and for a very good price

I will share with you my “REAL Method” and it is exactly how I sold all my units

Unlike many other agents that promise you sky high market value for your property,

But somehow can only produce a handful of viewings and low ball offers?

You have my promise that everything I tell you is true and backed by Solid Facts, Figures, Data and Numbers.

I do not want to falsely promise you a high selling price but end up negotiating your sale price down every time I talk to you. (Trust me… a lot of agents do this.)

My job is to set a firm a justifiable target sale price with you.

Then get you the best sale price possible from potential buyers.

Trust and Accountability – I believe in building a solid relationship with you

My REAL Closing Strategies are backed with comprehensive market research plus real time, up to date, market data, and combined with the latest and most effective marketing techniques.

I use the latest cutting edge marketing techniques that will help you save cost and get your unit sold as quickly as possible, for a very good price!

I will market your unit on all major marketing platforms: PropertyGuru,, Edgeprop, SRX, iProperty, Carousell, just to make a few.

I am well versed in Home Tours, Open Houses, Home Staging, Professional Photos, Home Videos, Virtual Tours, Virtual Staging, Facebook Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Linkedin Marketing. While constantly experimenting on the latest platforms like TikTok.

I am part of the largest Agent Network in Singapore and I have a complete, update to date list of Phone numbers and Emails to all 30,000 Real Estate Agents in Singapore. I constantly send email and text blasts of the listings I have on hand and will feature your property.

I will give you my exact plan on how I will sell your unit way above your expectation

In fact, I will be sharing with you a customized, tailored approach specifically for your unit when we meet.

This plan is not going to cost you anything.

No obligations for you to stay and listen if you don’t like what you are hearing.

The best part is that if my strategies don’t work for you, it is not going to cost you anything.

P.S. – I have never failed.

Not going to cost you a single cent if my strategy does not work out for you

I know how to sell your property! See what my clients have said about me

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